1. Vector formatted logos (.ai or .eps) is preferred.

  1. “Vectoring” is an art technique that efficiently uses "vectors" rather than pixels; resulting in a much clearer image and a more beautiful bookstand. Customers should provide artwork in a vectorized format: if not, CollegeDay Bookstands converts any artwork for a $5 fee.
  2. Customers who choose to only engrave text, names or scriptures are not required to convert to a vectorized format.


2. Font type

Customers can choose any of the following 5 fonts

  1. design by yourself Font type


3. Location

Customers can choose to engrave anywhere on the bookstand. Usually customers prefer to engrave in the center, or upper left & right hand corners.

* All logos will be converted to a Black & White color scheme. We cannot engrave “colors” or “gray scales”
** Prior to engraving, we can email final image templates for customer’s final approval. Once approved, all sales are final.
*** We will not infringe on third party’s logo copy rights, unless provided with documented approval by the organization.

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