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ollegeDay Bookstands produces and distributes high quality bookstands. We give customers the option to personalize their bookstands or make a customized order for any school/organization.

Our target market consists of schools, law firms, and corporate businesses. Our bookstands can be purchased in any of the following ways:


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We want to revolutionize the way we read.

Asian Roots

Asian Roots

outh Korea’s culture heavily focuses on education and academic achievement. Koreans are notorious for their academic rigor and the endless amount of hours students study. In 2010, Newsweek claimed Korean mothers were “Asian Tigers”, as they devote 110% of their energy to their children’s academic success. As a result of Korea’s academically competitive culture, bookstands emerged as valuable assets for studying. As students fight for an extra competitive edge, or as recreational readers look for comfort, bookstands comfortably hold the book in an upright position while holding the pages open. These bookstands improve posture, lessen body strain, and allow readers to have a more efficient, comfortable reading experience.


ollegeDay Bookstands heavily promotes education, encouraging individuals to pursue education with rigor and passion. Our bookstands redefine the reading & learning experience through comfort, practicality and health:





Studies have shown that purely academic education is directly linked to a happier life. Numerous surveys have conclusively found that higher levels of education have a positive correlation with better health and a longer life, and even protect an individual from depression. In trying to determine the reasons for these beneficial effects of education, scientists have reasoned that better-educated individuals are more aware of health risk factors, are better able to implement healthier lifestyle choices, feel a greater sense of empowerment and self-esteem, have greater problem-solving skills and more effective coping strategies--all factors that can contribute to a happier, healthier life.

-Art of Happiness

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