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Bulk Orders

Bulk order discounts begin at orders of 10+ bookstands. Bookstands make perfect client gifts, staff giveaways, and holiday presents. Customers may bulk order both blank-bookstands and engraved bookstands.

i.e. previous types of clients

1. Law firms
2. Companies
3. Hotels
4. Fraternities
5. Churches
6. Schools
7. Clubs
8. Government Agencies
9. After school programs
10. Gift orders

Whole Sale

CollegeDay Bookstands whole sales to individual vendors, college bookstores, hotel chains & brand name stores. If you are interested please contact

*When inquiring about wholesale prices, please provide:
a. Requestors contact information
b. Company’s Tax ID
c. Method of sale

CollegedDay Bookstands are hot selling items because of their quality, novelty and practical use. They are handsomely displayed in stores and are easily shipped to customers. Our wholesale pricing and customer service make our bookstands a wise investment for any retailer.
Minimum order of 20 Bookstands, and depending on our inventory levels, we can accommodate orders in the thousands.

Interested retailers can contact us and we will forward our wholesale price guide by email (MS Word/PDF/Pages format), fax or regular mail. Retailers must provide a valid Tax ID in order to receive our wholesale price guide. Please give us a brief description of your business when you contact us.
*We honor 1-Year Warranty on all bookstands sold through retail and wholesale outlets.


Those who wish to donate bookstands to an educational institution can do so through our philanthropy program. CollegeDay Bookstands promotes education domestically and abroad. Everyday our bookstands help the handicapped to read, betters student’s posture while studying, and better our society through knowledge and education. We recommend donations to any type of the following:

1. Hospitals
2. Schools
3. Libraries
4. Other Educational institutions
5. Juvenile Halls
6. Nursing Homes
7. Internationally

CollegeDay Bookstands’ philanthropy program provides special discounts for donations to those in need. Contributions may be used as tax deductions. Interested philanthropists please email

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