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The basic purpose of a bookstand is simple: it holds books. However, CollegeDay Bookstands has evolved and perfected the bookstand to be more, much more. CollegeDay Bookstands can be set a variety of angles for a hands free, comfortable, and healthy reading experience. Our Bookstands' easily hold the heaviest books, from text books to historical volumes held in museums. And our extended line of bookstands, the Balcony and Workstation, offer a second level for additional space, allowing the reader to use multiple books simultaneously. Here are the ten reasons why CollegeDay Bookstands are a must.

1. Health/Posture Promoting

Have you seen students in the library or a Starbucks reading with bad posture? Imagine how much better they would study with a CollegeDay bookstand. CollegeDay bookstands hold reading material for you, in an inclined position, helping you read comfortably with your back straight. Good posture is important.

          Socially, your posture reflects

                    - Who you are,  

                    - How you carry yourself, and

                    - Your level of self confidence.

          Physically, a healthy posture prevents

                    - Neck Cramps

                    - Back aches

                    - Tension Headaches

                    - Joint wear & arthritis, and

                    - Shallow Breathing

The benefits of reading with good posture are endless. We guarantee your reading will be a much better experience.

2. Performance enhancing

Once you read with a CollegeDay Bookstand, you will be hooked. You will read more comfortably and accomplish more. People who use bookstands read longer on average. In Korea, where our bookstands are handmade, education is king:

- 50% of households whose children are in grade school have a bookstand,

- 70% of households whose children are in high school have a bookstand,

- 90% of households whose children are in college have a bookstand, These studies show that bookstands are a proven product; and those who take learning seriously use bookstands. Now, for the first time, CollegeDay is introducing quality Korean bookstands to the international market.

3. Versatile

CollegeDay Bookstand's versatility is limited only by the user's creativity. Our customers continuously help us discover new "Bookstand scenarios". Our bookstands are used in the kitchen, at law firms, accounting firms, colleges, and the White House. Gym-goers exercise with our bookstand on the stationary bike. Hospital patients use our bookstand to read in bed. Proactive school campuses use CollegeDay bookstands to hold iPads, tablets, and eReaders. Our bookstand is universal. Anyone with a purpose in life has a purpose for our bookstand.

4. Laptops

Computer nerds and "Techies" agree our bookstand is best used for laptops. Walk through any library or café, and you notice people hunched over their laptops. It's sad. With CollegeDay Bookstands, the laptop screen is positioned at eye level. The user is no longer looking down at the laptop, thus improving the posture. With the laptop sitting on the bookstand, the user can rest their hands on the bookstand to type comfortably. Say "goodbye" to bent wrists and carpal tunnel ....

5. Writing Pad

CollegeDay Bookstands can be angled to serve as a writing pad. Writing on a CollegeDay bookstand is like having an architect table as a desk. Imagine the convenience of an architect table. Now your neck won't bend while writing because the paper is angled closer to you. Writing and reviewing become much easier, and with our Workstation you can review multiple documents simultaneously.

6. Adjustable

Our Bookstands adjust easily. Users can adjust to multiple angle settings. On the lowest setting, our bookstands transform into a laptop stand or a writing pad. CollegeDay has thought of every possible use in designing the bookstands. The user can choose the most functional and comfortable setting based on specific need.

7. Strong

No book is too big or heavy for our bookstands. Look at our pictures and notice Ars Sacra; a 32 lb, 2 ft tall book. Ars Sacra, used in museums and by Art- History professors world wide, is the biggest book we've encountered. We believe Ars Sacra is worthy to demonstrate the strength of our bookstand, as even our Mini Bookstand holds Ars Sacra with ease. If you find a book our bookstand cannot hold, let us know.

8. Durable

CollegeDay markets to hard working scholars and professionals as well as avid readers. We understand our bookstands will be tossed, dropped and spilled on. It's OK. Here at our main office, we took a CollegeDay bookstand and ran it over with a car, only to find our bookstand worked perfectly. Because of its durability, we proudly honor 1-Year Warranty on all our bookstands.

9. Portable

CollegeDay Bookstands are easy to carry, to your office, class room, dorm room, library, home, café, on the plane, etc. Our bookstands fold flat to slide into backpacks, briefcases, and handbags. CollegeDay Bookstands are light-weight as the Classic weighs 2.8 lb. and the Mini weighs only 1.8 lb. The Classic & Mini are the most portable and still meet all one's bookstand needs. Wherever you go, we go.


Lastly, and most importantly, CollegeDay bookstands are beautiful. Made out of quality wood, CollegeDay bookstands come in two colors: light brown and oak. We also custom engrave company logos, family names, and other designs onto our bookstands. Using our bookstand for an office/home display definitely gets people's attention. We promise you've never seen a bookstand as practical & beautiful as ours.

Revolutionizing the way we read


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